Below is a sampling of some of Peter's writing. All rights belong to the various publications

they originally appeared in. 

"Why An Ancient Winemaking Technique is Making a Comeback" (05.16.2018) 

Publisher: Daily SevenFifty

Abstract: How winemakers use clay vessels around the world.

"Volcanic Wines: The Lava Lovers Dream" (04.26.2018) San Francisco

Publisher: Wine-Searcher

Abstract: Re-cap of the Volcanic Wine's International.

"Wine's Unexpected Notes of Diplomacy" (02.18.2018)

Publisher: WinesIsrael

Abstract: Israeli and Palestinian dialouge through wine.  

"The Importance of Wine"

MEET Event: San Francisco (5.18.2017)

Abstract: Peter discusses borderless wine in the Middle East.

*Video filmed by SF artist Bradley Golden

"5 Ultra-Fancy Teas for People Who Love Wine" (02.03.2017)

Publisher: Food & Wine

Abstract: Peter explores tea and wine drinking.



"The Oak Road" (11.03.2016)

Publisher: The Guild of Sommeliers

Abstract: Peter interviews winemakers and coopers in France about oak.

"Ancient Grapes are the Future of Israeli Wine" (08.09.2016)

Publisher: Food & Wine

Abstract: Peter interviews winemakers in Israel about indigenous grapes.

"Why a Sake-Obsessed Couple Decided to Brew Their Own" (08.26.2016)

Publisher: Food & Wine

Abstract: San Francisco's only micro-sake brewery.

"Style Etc."

Publisher: Departures Magazine

Abstract: Peter writes '23' on the 2016 list of the United States' best boutiques.

I Love New York: Ingredients and Recipes

Publisher: Ten Speed Press

Abstract: Peter chronicles 58 farmers, fishermen, artists, and ranchers.

"Departures 100"

Publication: Departures

Abstract: Peter writes "61" on Portugal's Yeatman Hotel

Peter gives a walking tour of Valladolid, Spain, for a national tapas competition promotional video.

"Borderless Wine Symposium" (03.15.2018) San Francisco

Publisher: Borderless.Wine

Abstract: Hear thought leaders talk about wine & it's borderlessness in the world.

"The Emergence of Non-Vinifera Wines" (06.10.2018)

Publisher: SevenFifty Daily

Abstract: A pioneering group of American winemakers demonstrate hybrid's potential. 

"How Wine Buyers Can Be Activists" (09.13.2017)

Publisher: SevenFifty Daily

Abstract: How conscientious wine purchasing affects people's lives through #borderlesswine

"China Live" (08.10.2017)

Publisher: Monocle Magazine's Summer Weekly Newspaper #1

Abstract: Peter writes restaurant review of SF's China Live. 

"Taking the Temperature of Wine Service" (08.22.2017)

Publisher: SevenFifty Daily

Abstract: Peter asses wine temperature in New York City, Washington D.C. & Montreal

"Saveur 100"

Publication: Saveur

Abstract: Peter writes about Ippodo's Shincha spring tea

from Uji, Japan.


"Australian WIne Finds It's Edge"

Publication: Departures

Abstract: Peter chronicles new Australian wines

"The NoMad Reservoir"

Abstract: Peter is Editor-in-Chief for NoMad Hotel Newspaper with Parisian designers, be-pôles.

Black Lapel 

Publisher: The Compass

Contribute monthly wine & lifestyle column to Renaissance(Man)ual. 

Publisher: The Forward

Abstract: Peter writes Israeli wine review from New York City

"Tree of Life"

Publication: Islands Magazine

Abstract: Peter harvests Olives in Croatia

"China Live" (08.10.2017)

Publisher: Monocle Magazine's Summer Weekly Newspaper #1

Abstract: Peter writes restaurant review of SF's China Live. 

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