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Oregonian Naturels

Updated: Feb 12, 2018

The coolest wineries making cuvee's their own way with people you definitely want to hang out with.

Urban Rural : Craft Wine Co.

Craft Wine Co is located in an old mechanics garage. However, instead of fixing anything, the rule here is to push winemaking bounds and see what happens. As of this year, all of Craft Wine's brands: Omero Cellars, Minimus Wines, and Origins are still separate labels now functioning as one business.
If you weren't in Carlton, the feeling inside has any visitor imaging a cool urban scape. To quote, "CRAFT WINE CO. IS A CONCEPT, A DRINK TANK, A PLACE TO VOICE OUR CONVICTIONS AND TO ASK THE QUESTIONS THAT NEED TO BE ASKED." This is the natural drinkers stop: there is plenty of skin contact, hard pressing of grapes (to press for more phenolics), a rolodex of off-beat varieties, and a definitive way to see tasty viticultural experimentation at it's best.

Top Picks:

2016 No22 Pinot Cuvee

2016 Origin Rose : Austrian blend. Ethereal, textural, wild strawberry, copper

2016 Parental Advisory : (not released) CMG : Cabernet Franc, Mondeuse, Gamay. 12.7% abv. Excellent structure, dark fruit, vibrant dark berries. Very Savoisy.

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PDX Urban : Fausse Piste

Fausse Piste

There is no winemaker that I like tasting more with than Jesse Stiles. He's got a cool, nonchalance about wine making, cooking, and just about everything in between. His wines are pure, relaxed, and un-forced in every way. It's what makes the beauty of his fruit shine without any filter. To top it off, you get to do a winery tasting in Portland!

Top Picks:

2017 Fish Sauce Methode Ancestral Muscat

2013 Duck Sauce Skin Contact Viognier

2015 Garde Manger Syrah : Coffe, violet, soy. Excellent

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